Monday, 23 January 2012

The 'New Look' for Bistrot Les Tontons is Here !!

Since opening our wine bar, bar à vin, Bistrot Les Tontons in July 2011 there have been continual improvements and this week saw the greatest, the arrival of our new façade and Les Tontons signs.

Gérald leaves the 'old look' Bistrot Les Tontons for the last time.

The old glass front is removed...!

The new façade will open fully during the summer months.

Early morning in Saumur and the signs are going up !

A 'sneek peek' of things to come for Bistrot Les Tontons 2012.

On Sunday the children and I saw the 'new look' for the first time...

...and toasted the past two days work with hot chocolates, much loved treats of Augustin & Constance (and Mummy Beaumont...!)

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