Friday, 13 September 2013

AOP Marcillac, Domaine des Costes Rouges

Domaine des Costes Rouges is a small organic domaine producing two cuvées from the AOP Marcillac, whose cépage 'fer servadou', alternatively known as, 'mansois', creates an easy to drink, uncomplicated red  wine with a short maceration.

Gérald has chosen this wine for Bistrot Les Tontons to go with gigot d’agneau, volaille or la planche des tontons.

Alternatively, try ‘our’ AOP Marcillac cuvée ‘Clos de la Ferrière’, a rich red wine produced from vines of 50 years old, and after a longer maceration remains in the vat for a further 18 months before bottling.

….don’t hesitate to ask Gérald when visiting Bistrot Les Tontons. 

Bistrot Les Tontons
Place Saint Pierre
49400 Saumur
t: 02 41 59 59 40

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Heiko Beller, travel journalist, visits Bistrot Les Tontons, Saumur and the Loire Valley

This week we kindly received a copy of the September edition of Fernseh Woche, a German magazine, were Bistrot Les Tontons features in Heiko Beller’s (travel journalist), article about the Loire Valley.

Thank you.