Thursday, 28 March 2013

New wines for spring & summer 2013

Que cela se sache !
Quelques boutanches sont arrivées au Tontons.
Vins de soif et vins de potes...

The search of new wines from niche wine makers is a joy !!
Introducing Gérald's latest arrivals to Bistrot Les Tontons - light, fruity, easy to drink wines - just perfect for the arrival of spring and summer.

Expect more news from our friend Laurent Herlin (vigneron)...

What's new for summer 2013 at Bistrot Les Tontons?

Gérald's search to introduce exciting new wines and artisanal produce is the philosophy behind 'Bistrot Les Tontons'.

Last weekend while representing the Domaine at a Salon du Vin, which brought together wine makers and artisans from across France, Gérald had the opportunity to sample a selection of tantalizing cheeses and cured meats (to be served: La Planche des Tontons), alongside a number of interesting organic wines which will join 'Les Tontons' 2013 summer wine selection.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Things to do on a Sunday in the Loire Valley

Staying in Saumur ?

Join Gérald for a comprehensive wine course and technical wine tasting at Bistrot Les Tontons !

Spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon sampling a selection of Val de Loire wines.  Discover the different cépages, grape varieties, and methods applied to create the diverse range of blanc, rosé, rouge and refreshing sparkling wines from the Loire Valley.

50€ per person (min. 4, max. 8 persons)

For more information and reservations please contact Sarah-Jane at: or tel: +33 (0)5 49 22 34 09.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Salon des Vins & Terroirs, Thouars (79)

The dates are noted !!

Invited by a number of wine makers to the forthcoming Salon des Vins et Terroirs in Thouars (79) - we are looking forward to tasting new and interesting regional wines for our future selection at Bistrot Les Tontons and The Wine Shop & Tasting Room in Brighton, UK.

What's new at Bistrot Les Tontons ?

Gérald's latest selection of wines to arrive at Bistrot Les Tontons.