Thursday, 23 January 2014

A New Sparkly Experience!

La Bulle - 100% Menu Pineau

Very fine, elegant bubbles AND expect a new sparkly experience!

Heavy in mouth, a slight lemon taste and lovely mineral finish.  Note the aluminium cap and listen to the noise it makes when opened - it's the dégorgement!

You may recognise Mikaël Bouges name from past posts.  Talented, Mikaël is a small biodynanic producer working 8 hectares which include Sauvignon Blanc, Menu Pineau, a little Gamay and Côt (Malbec).

Don't hesitate to ask Gérald about La Bulle and Clic Clac (sparkly blanc).

Bistrot Les Tontons
Place Saint Pierre
49400 Saumur
t: 02 41 59 59 40

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