Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Definition of a Bistrot

The origins of the word bistro is unclear, some say it originated from the Russian word bystro (быстро), meaning quickly and entered the French language during the Russian occupation of Paris in 1815.

Whilst others say it derived from a type of aperitif called a bistrouille, a liqueur coffee.

Suggested to have developed in Parisian apartments where tenants paid for both room and board.

Landlords were able to supplement their income by opening their kitchen to the paying public serving home cooked foods that were simple and hearty accompanied by wine and coffee.
Traditional French bistro's have long developed into friendly café's and cosy small restaurants.

Whilst their much loved imagine is that which remains in the mid-1900’s.

Bistrot Les Tontons

Place Saint Pierre
49400 Saumur
Tel : 02 41 59 59 40

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